Automotive Liability Insurance

Property protection and bodily injury liability protection are coverages you must have. There are hoards of trial lawyers that practice nothing but automotive liability claims.

You don’t want to end up being sued and not having enough auto insurance liability coverage in place to pay for damages should the jury find against you. You could lose everything.

So, you’ll want to buy enough auto liability insurance to protect yourself against a potential lawsuit. Property protection liability insurance premiums are low even at $1,000,000 coverage. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with bodily injury liability coverage; but at the end of the rainbow is umbrella liability coverage.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

An umbrella policy is not only a great way to be saving money on auto insurance, but it’s also an excellent way to really protect yourself. You’ll find that umbrella coverage basically provides additional liability coverage.

Umbrella policies will kick in after you’ve used up the liability insurance in your automotive and homeowners policies. Actually, an umbrella policy is not a part of your automotive policy; you have to purchase it separately, but it’s affordable.

That’s why you won’t see insurance agents trying to sell you umbrella coverage. It’s doesn’t cost much and they make very little on commissions.

An umbrella liability policy will prevent you from overpaying for expensive liability insurance on both your auto and basic homeowners insurance policies.

Instead of raising the coverage limits on your auto and homeowners policies and paying hefty premiums, you can buy an inexpensive supplemental umbrella policy that covers “all” your personal liabilities. We have an umbrella policy covering us for $1 million for less than $150 a year.

Dirt cheap auto insurance

Saving Money On Auto Insurance : 

How To Get Affordable Auto Insurance :

Ok, now we get to the meat of the subject. Below are proven strategies for saving money on auto insurance. These techniques do work and you’ll definitely save cash if put to use.

Raise Your Collision Deductible

Collision coverage accounts for a good amount of your auto insurance costs. So, the simplest and best way to save money on your auto insurance expenses is to raise your deductible.

We raised the deductibles on our cars to $500 and it substantially knocked down our costs. A few years later, we increased it to $1,000 and shaved even more money off of our premiums.

You’ll want to have broad, not basic collision. With basic collision, you’ll still pay the deductible regardless of who’s at fault in the auto accident. However, with broad collision you will only have to pay the deductible if you’re at fault.

So, if you get into an accident and the other party is responsible, you will not have to pay a dime towards your deductible.

Begin with raising your deductible for what works best for you. Some people will go with a $1,000 deductible for even greater savings. You can consider jumping to $1,000 as your assets and income increase.

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