Our First Steps Through Google AdSense Account

Buy Adsense Account  and open or register a Google AdSense account; If you have a Gmail service, opening this type of accounts is very easy because you could link them to both in one step, something that could come to realize through the following link .

After you have applied and applied for a Google AdSense subscription you will have to wait approximately eight hours for the approval response; Maybe we should have said that you should have previously organized the design of your web page or WordPress blog perfectly, since Google AdSense will analyze it to see if it has a correct and adequate option map. Buy Adsense Account this is the initial step.

Once your application has been approved, you will have the ability to log in to your personal Google AdSense account, at which point you will have to navigate through each of your environments. The first you have to visit, is the ads, where you have to choose the characteristics that will have the same and among which is mentioned:

The size. Here there are a lot of sizes to choose from, it is good to select those that are categorized as “recommended” by Google.

The size has a lot to do with the position in which to locate this ad, being able to mention as a light example, those who are quite long in the horizontal position and usually are located in the header of the WordPress blog.

You will then have to choose the color of each of the elements that will be part of your AdSense ad; The typical error that many people usually make is to select the first, last or randomly, any of those who are present there. If you already chose a good design for your web page or WordPress blog, there you will have seen certain colors to the style of a graphic line. It’s those clogs that you need to take into account when personalizing your ads with Google AdSense.

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