How To Prevent Acne Invasion In Summer

The key to preventing acne lies in the overall body conditioning, in addition to relieve stress, do not be too tired, the daily diet can play a very important role in supporting regulation. It seems in the best natural skin care brands, but also with the personal constitution are closely related, mostly belonging to lungs and stomach more than dampness, over eating spicy stimulation, fried greasy products, or addicted to sweets can help dampness, can indeed promote or cause acne Increase.

However, if you follow the “no sugar and less oil” recipe to give your child three meals a day, it is overkill.

In the diet conditioning, we must first change some of the bad eating habits, drink less cola, juice, espresso, but also eat less chocolate, candy, butter cake, fried foods, raw onions, raw garlic, pepper also Eat less. This will reduce sugar, oil and stimulant food intake.

Prevention of acne but also appropriate vitamin supplements, increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is very necessary. In midsummer, parents are advised to make more big stir-fries instead. But be careful not to let the onions, raw garlic and peppers, and do not put the greasy and very hot salad dressing, you can put some salt, vinegar and sesame oil properly. Do meat dishes, try to make fried beef and mutton, fish, shrimp, etc., these children can eat food, but to eat less, cooking as light as possible, do not put pepper.

Develop good habits. Living regularly, develop regular bowel movement of good habits. To prevent excessive sun, wash your face with warm water more than a few times a day, oily skin can be washed with sulfur soap. Usually also available watermelon skin or cucumber juice smear facial to achieve Jie Lishui effect. Patients with abscess and inflamed type can use daily saline to clean the wound, and then use cotton stain with chloramphenicol eye drops, or other anti-inflammatory syrup (such as erythromycin, tetracycline, etc.) applied to the large abscess, play Clean, anti-inflammatory purposes. Conditional patients can often go to the beauty salon for skin care, avoid picking squeeze skin lesions, to avoid aggravating the infection.

According to the nature of each person’s skin, the correct choice of cosmetics, acne is best not to use cosmetics. Acne care is important, but the fundamental or pay close attention to time, timely treatment, the overall regulation, control of acne. So as not to aggravate the formation of scars, resulting in life-long regret.

High summer temperatures, acne tend to aggravate, patients should pay special attention to health care and care choose a scientific diet. Acne patients should be careful not to over-eat fat amber and spicy food. Patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction, should eat less fried foods, cold things, eat more vegetables, fruits and digestible foods, drink less, maintain a good attitude. Impatient temperament, strong anger, poor mood, depressed, resulting in liver qi stagnation. Will inevitably affect the occurrence of endocrine function of acne. So keeping a good attitude to acne patients is very important

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