Fourth, No Limit Note Texas Hold’em Best Advice

Play too many hands: You should have 20-30% of the check-in rates in a standard 2 to 4-dollar limitless World Of Poker game. That is, in the first position, the hands are folded in the hands of AJ, the hands folded in the middle of KJ, and the hands of the next position of QT fold.

The choice of tables: play only your dominant game. When sitting down at the table, you need to have at least two or three players that are weak.

“Play wager with the player”: Be sure to quickly analyze the opponent’s situation, who plays the second card, who folds on offense, who bets the card, who holds the weak card in the hand, and the big bet , Bluff who will play a role, who will bluff.

“Bet or fold”: fold or bet / raise (if you are dominant). If there is no good reason (such as in order to cover your opponent), you should avoid calling.

Take most big bets and remarks seriously: especially when you turn the floor and the river, because most players do not bluff.

Fifth, no limit Texas Hold’em common mistakes

When you lose, you take the good hand and lose all the hand on the hand.

In the face of the other side bets, the hand bets the weak hand.

Play too many hands.

Holding the best hand in your hand did not raise before the flop (put pressure on the player holding the potential card, the first bet) and walked too far with them after the flop.

Opposite Pot Bet bet too much / not enough (Too much / unprotected card to win a small amount of money)

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