An Anti-Mosquito Laser Barrier?

It was while watching a teleshopping parody praising the merits of a best mosquito killer laser, the “Star Wars Mosquito System”, that the Americans decided to develop their system, taking literally the video of the schoolboy. Nathan Myhrvold and his fellow inventors then began to work on this idea, thanks in particular to the funds allocated by the Bill Gates Foundation.

A high-speed camera detects the mosquitoes entering his field of vision, a servomotor (engine whose position is continuously checked and corrected according to the measurements) then orders mirrors that allow to direct the ultraviolet laser serving as a weapon to this DCA miniature. Software developed by scientists coordinates everything, while allowing enough discrimination in detection, so as not to target larger insects, such as bees, or even “scare the neighbor’s cat”.

Highlighting the fact that the device was designed using components recovered from electronic devices of everyday life, young scientists would imagine their machine as a protective barrier around hospitals or African schools, protecting against the plague carried by mosquitoes, malaria.

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