Chollo Blender Ufesa Activa Mixer and Mixer With 5 Speeds

If homemade pastry is your thing and you still do not have a mixer or a best mixer grinder to prepare your masses or assemble the egg whites, pay attention to the model that you have before you, because it has an incredible price-quality ratio

This is the Ufesa Activa, a mixer that incorporates two sets of different rods (for kneading and mixing) that are easily exchanged by a button.

It is small, powerful It is a model of 200 W of power that incorporates 5 levels of speed, adjustable through a wheel that incorporates in the upper front. With the first you will have enough for the masses of cakes or pies while the highest ones will allow you to use the device even to mix the bread dough.

To remove rods, it is sufficient to press the top button to fulfill this function (first of all). At first it may cost you a little but it will be a matter of you taking the trick. At the time of washing, under the tap with a good chorrazo or directly to the dishwasher Although this Amazon model does not incorporate add-ons such as measuring cup or beater arm but you can find it separately if you want to have even more functions in it. Anyway, think that it is a model that weighs a tad more than the hand blenders so for purées, porridges, creams and so on it may be too much apparatus.

Simple but very effective to make the masses of biscuits. In a short time, he mounts clear and mixes the mass of the biscuits to perfection. There is a before and after of the blender of rods in the preparation of my homemade biscuits. We give it to a family member who is delighted with it. It also has a lot of power to knead bread. It is clearly worth it for the price it has and the benefits it offers. It is comfortable and the price is excellent. To make cupcakes works great and has enough power. It is also quite silent. I recommend it. A blender with a very good power. Practical and above all very functional. One of the best purchases I’ve made.


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