Electric Motorcycle Lithium Battery

When using best motorcycle battery in series, if the internal resistance of lithium-ion battery is inconsistent, the voltage of lithium battery will be inconsistent in the process of charging and discharging, so that the lithium battery will be under-charged due to premature failure, and the lithium battery brand Longevity hurt a lot. Therefore, the use of electric vehicles on the battery pack consistency  has a considerable impact on battery life.

For the majority of consumers, how to use lithium batteries reasonably, will also affect the balance of the battery. Thus, affecting the battery life. Today, I invited experts from the lithium battery wholesale market, explain the use of batteries;

Electric car riding speed: 19-24km / h.

Riding distance: 8-40km / day, discharge depth less than or equal to 80% (once every 1 month for deep discharge).

Charging frequency: once a day.

Load capacity: single ride, can carry less than 20 kg of items.

Coupled with the above calculation method can be concluded that the better quality of electric bicycles to normal use can reach 2 – 5 years, or even longer, and the electric car lithium battery can continue to use about 6 months. The shallower battery discharge depth, the longer the battery cycle life, the longer the battery life cycle. Experts point out. If you want to extend the battery life of their electric car, you must always make the battery in a fully charged state, a long-time loss of power, the battery negative electrode easily salinization, resulting in loss of battery capacity.

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