Everything You Need To Know About Led Lighting

We have talked to you several times about best led headlights, highlighting that they are more sustainable than traditional light bulbs. Some time ago we replaced the lighting of our offices so that it is fully LED within our commitment to the environment and, with the desire to extend this commitment to your homes, several of our furniture integrate this type of lighting.

But what is an LED? They are the acronyms that correspond to light emitting diodes ( light-emitting diode ). What defines these light sources is that they grow out of filament or any other type of element or dangerous material. Therefore, they reduce environmental pollution.

Its main characteristic is a low emission of heat that is responsible, not only for its great efficiency, but also for its enormous versatility, allowing to integrate this type of lights inside the cabinets and in small spaces.

These would be its main advantages:

Low energy consumption Around 25% of the energy consumed in the home is used for lighting. The LED offers savings of up to 85% of electricity compared to traditional bulbs.

Lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

High light quality

No maintenance costs.

Greater respect for the environment and health.

There are different types of LED lamps: The SMD (Surface-mount device) and the COB (chip on board). The latter, due to their construction, have a higher light output and dissipate heat better. There are also different options in terms of color, depending on the source of LED light to be used in interiors, exteriors or other spaces.

If you are wondering which is the most suitable LED bulb for each of the rooms in your home, here are some small recommendations.

For the living room with a LED light bulb warm light will achieve the ideal environment.

In the kitchen the LED bulb with natural or cold light are the best fit.

For the bathrooms you need general lighting and another in the mirrors of greater intensity. Choose white light.

In the work and reading areas we need a light bulb that reproduces the colors in the most realistic way possible. The concentrated beam of the LED bulbs and their low heat emission makes them especially indicated as point light sources.

In terms of corridors and passage areas, LED light sources are especially advisable, because they are quick-ignition and at full power from the start. To this is added the possibilities offered by the LED strips when defining skirtings, cornices or steps.

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