Facial Brushes

 The flat brush with a foundation

My makeup brush set oval is a synthetic bristle brush that is flat in shape with a rounded tip. The dishes are tight to allow easy and homogeneous application.

Use: It will spread the foundation from the inside to the outside and go back and forth all over the face, the neck and behind the ears. it is important not to be satisfied with the face so that there is no demarcation.

The Tapper Brush

This brush is made of natural synthetic hair. it is perfect for applying powders, liquids and creams. it allows a homogeneous and light application.

So, you can apply it for the foundation but also for the illuminator or face powders.

Usage: As the name says, just tap the product on the face.

The Corrective Brush

it is a flat brush that allows to apply the correctors and conceals that it is liquid or creamy.

use: apply the product on dark circles, pimples, redness … and fade the patting. applying the product by tapping allows to make more homogeneous than if you pull the product part of the comings and goings.

The Powder Brush

It is a round and dense brush that allows the application of free and compact powders. It also helps to fade what is very important if you sculpt your face with a tan.

This brush is therefore ideal to apply are tan, donate powder foundation or its loose powder.

use for the foundation and loose powder: you put a little product on the brush and you sweep the whole of your face, neck and behind the ears.

use for tanning: you put little material on the brush and sculp your face. to have easier do the technique of the fish (suck your cheeks to dig them). the tan should be applied in the hollow and up to the front. Do not forget to blend well to have a natural effect.

Beveled Powder Brush

This brush is dense and cut in angle. It is perfect for sculpting the face. It can be used to apply blush, tan and illuminator.

Use: for the blush, put the product on the rounded tip of the brush. To know where to apply the blush, just smile to bring out your cheekbones. By cons, to apply the tan, use the beveled side of the brush. Use the fish technique that I explained above.


This is a big round brush with a very short handle and very soft bristles.

Kabuki makes it possible to apply the foundation of powder and the free powders on the whole of the face. It is effective for good coverage and even skin tone. It can also be used to fade and remove excess powder.

Use: apply the powder product on the face while making circles.

Blush Paintbrush

This brush is thinner than the powder brush and very soft and rounded bristles to facilitate the sculpting of the face.

Use: you smile and apply the product on the cheekbones. To apply it correctly, you start on the cheekbone and go back to the temples. Do not apply too much product especially if it is a flash blush or dark enough. It is worth to put back a little that have too much and have a clown effect.

Fan Brush

This is a very fine brush and flare that can sweep the excess powder. It is also very convenient to apply the illuminator or a tan.

Use: just sweep the face lightly to knock off the excess powder. If you use it for tanning or illuminating, scan only where you want to apply them.

3.Brushes for The Eyes

Shadow Brush

It is a flat and rounded brush to apply powder blushes. It is ideal for precisely applying eye shadow.

use: this brush is used to apply the shadow on the eyelid.

Beveled Shading Brush

This brush allows to be more precise and allows the application of eye shadow whether powder or cream.

use: the beveled side allows the application of the light makeup while the tip is used to apply dark shadow to the outer corner and the fold of the eyelids. We put the eye shadow in the hollow and the outer corner of the eyelid. To degrade, use the bevel.

Hollow Eyelid Brush

These hairs are longer and more flexible than other brushes. It makes it possible to work powdery dark shades in the hollow of the eyelid.

use: apply the blush in the hollow and dimmed it so that it mixes well with other blushes. Repeat the process if you want a more intense color to apply the blush in the hollow and dimmed it so that it blends well with other blushes. Repeat the operation if you want a more intense color

Eye Contouring Brush

This brush can highlight and mix shadows in the fold and the corner of the eye. It can also be used to shade the crucible of the eye.

Use: apply the eye shadow to the outer corner and fold and then blush the makeup until it is melted with lighter makeup.

Stencil Brush

It is an oval brush that degrades powder blushes and melts the material.

Use: the shades have already been applied with the other brushes. You start from the darker blush to the intersection with the lighter makeup and you make circular movements to give a gradient effect and the colors blend together

The Foam Brush

The foam brush makes it possible to apply creamy blushes or melt the blushes between them.

Precision Shade Brush

This brush has very short bristles that can apply the makeup flush eyelashes and on the eyelid of the bottom. It can also be used to illuminate the inner corner of the eye.

Use: apply the eye shadow by small stroke flush with the eyeliner instead of the eyeliner and on the bottom eyelid to make a gradient.

Eyeliner Brush

the brush is fine and it can be flat or beveled. It allows for a fine and precise line flush with the lashes with a cream eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Use: go from the inner side to the outside of the eye small line by small line.

brushes for eyelashes and eyebrows

Brow Brush

It is a flat, beveled and rigid brush. It hangs well the makeup to apply on the eyebrows. The beveled side of the brush makes it easier to apply and work the shadow at the angle of the eyebrow.

Uses: Apply the eye shadow with small touches on the places to correct or fill.

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