Miniature Cars

The big toy cars passion has come since my childhood, at the time the Christmas toys were the famous and incomparable dynky toy in their yellow boxes. I still have a few models, including these two.

Subsequently I came across an article in a newspaper where we made miniatures with small boxes of matches, from there I tried, and I got there.

At school I did not even sell one to a friend. A few years later I had a teacher, who offered me to exhibit on the furniture at the back of the class, a model of my achievement. This was a bentley of the 30s in English green color that goes with a caravan, all made of cardboard and wood.

the door and windows of the caravan were opening there were accessories like a table, chairs, umbrella, etc. Unfortunately, I have no trace left of this vehicle.

In the evening after doing my homework as quickly as possible, I began to transform the models to 1/43, disassemble, cut, chew, sand and paint, my office was transformed into auto workshop, with the smell of paint burned, glue, and putty.

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