Safe Cosmetics. Is It Good Or Not Enough?

What isĀ ofra cosmetics uk? A tribute to fashion? Avoiding the achievements of the chemical industry at the other extreme? Chanting manual labor and farming? Fear of notorious toxins? After all, it seems, it is for all this direction “from the farm to the skin” is criticized.

Let’s agree that the concept of “safe cosmetics” should not suit those who expect from natural means of care effectiveness. Fortunately, so do those manufacturers who want their money to be not just edible. They are well aware of the structure of the skin, the factors that lead to an imbalance, and do not deceive consumers with a symptomatic approach that is widespread in cosmetology.

Natural cosmetics in the hands of a bona fide producer is not one that is only devoid of potentially dangerous ingredients. This cosmetic, which effectively solves serious skin problems, restoring and maintaining its function in a natural way.

The heart of the angle is healthy skin that may be able to save elasticity, smoothness and a right color.

A small example. Inflamed and hypersensitive skin has not been so widespread until twenty years ago. The condition that calls “perioral dermatitis” to none of the dermatologists was known. Unfortunately, the active use of bactericidal topical agents and aggressive preservatives in recent decades has seriously disrupted the healthy balance of the skin in a large number of people.

For skin microflora, many synthesized ingredients act as antibiotics, killing a healthy environment, leading to acne, inflammation, hypersensitivity and premature aging. Unfortunately, the use of steroid preparations became a common solution for dermatitis, which further worsens the skin condition and makes further treatment difficult.

In natural cosmetics, the approach to treating acne and dermatitis is quite different. The cause of inflammatory processes in most cases is a violation of the barrier function of the skin. Therefore, instead of inflammation with medical supplies, all effects are related to saturation of skin with natural hydrating components and lipids.

In addition to treating and solving various skin problems, natural cosmetics interact much better with a person. Synthetic ingredients that are considered effective can indeed have a positive effect on the skin, stimulating cellular activity. They are declared innovative and anti-aging, on their basis whole cosmetic lines are created, but such ingredients have weaknesses in the form of a method of delivery to the skin and preservation. Stimulating the necessary processes, they can provoke and other reactions, including unwanted and unsafe.

Quality natural cosmetics go on. It is small to be safe or edible, it cures, restores, protects, extends youth.

The use of organic ingredients in their integral form supports the healthy function of the skin due to the huge number of useful phytonutrients contained in them. To survive and grow in a wide variety of conditions, plants with substances that have enormous bioactive power, fight against the vagaries of weather, pests, insects, and ultraviolet.

Cosmetics become curative and effective when in its balanced formulas it contains organic or wild ingredients in its raw form, when vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes retain their biodynamic power. They not only treat and restore the skin, but permanently prevent premature cell aging of the skin.

such approach is much more serious and complex than only “do not harm”, which it means under the concept of “safe cosmetics”.

Yes, such cosmetics will not do harm, and its production is likely to be ethical and sustainable, but how much will such funds bring? Because of the fact that the main advantage of natural cosmetics is often put forward is its safety, many believe that the low efficiency of such products. With this, you can even agree: safe cosmetics are just safe.

From natural cosmetics, you can and should want more – healthy and beautiful skin for a long time. This is the task set by conscientious natural producers, for whom “edible” is a necessary minimum, and not a competitive advantage.

Means Berezka Lab is not just safe. They give health to the skin, they are saturated with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, protect and nourish, so that the skin remains smooth, smooth and supple. This is a real anti-aging care for the most demanding people, who are interested not only in the absence of danger, but in quality and result.

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