Types Of GPS Plotter

Passive GPS plotters

These are the oldest, most reliable and cheapest hidden gps tracker for car. They collect data on your movements but do not send them in real time. Instead, they store them on a small hard drive that will eventually need to be removed and connected to a suitable device to read the data. Operating with a small battery that is clean to the system and with a relatively small range receiving antenna (only poorly passing the metal), they must be placed close to the outside of the vehicle in an easy-to-access area.

So, to find them, it’s easy. Here are the places on the vehicle where they could be hidden.

chassis of the vehicle,

location of the spare wheel,

front or rear bumper (in the plastic recess that allows to “clip” elements),

headrests and seat cushions.

When you search,  the car, give it a quick tap. If it is not fixed correctly, it’s a safe bet that it is not original. Logically, a GPS plotter of this type is quite easy to spot because it is really difficult in the landscape.

Active GPS plotters

The newer GPS plotters do not just collect data on your trips, they also send them to a third party who can track your travel in real time. The problem with these “little beasts” is that they can be directly connected to the battery of your vehicle, making them more difficult to detect.

Well the engine compartment is too hot for electronic equipment of this kind (including the antenna system) and the trunk is too far from the battery without additional wiring. It will therefore privileged a search of the central console (or rather behind the console to be precise).

It will also be possible to use a GPS detector that identifies active surveillance systems (GPS plotter, IP video cameras …) but it is still a very expensive gadget (to use especially when driving in a deserted area to avoid interference, kind of system that tends to activate and send their data intermittently, especially when you ride).

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