Wireless Microphone Top Ten Ranking Recommended Yunque Rhyme Magpie Brand Wireless Microphone

With international certification: FCC, CE, ROHS yunque Yun magpie brand in a very short period of time into the best wireless microphone market is in fact a gradual success, when the product emits a unique charm, its consumer groups will inevitably become more and more extensive.

With the new K18U as an example, in addition to powerful, such as built-in Bluetooth and Line-in function, Bluetooth switching function;

wireless microphone volume and reverb volume can be adjusted by the receiver box knob; background music volume size can be adjusted by the receiver box keys; wireless microphone UHF band, the wireless microphone supports 10 optional channels, anytime, anywhere to avoid interfering signals, the working distance of 20 meters.

There are many bright spots: hand wheat can be installed on the 5th battery or rechargeable battery, the use of battery life of more than 8 hours, suitable for outdoor; receiver box with USB jack audio, set-top box or TV type power supply can also be used various types of 5V mobile power Or mobile phone charger power supply; with USB sound card computer wireless audio recording and recording function, you can record through the computer or K song software to record / record wireless transmission. A full set of accessories including a wireless microphone 2, a receiving box, D3.5 audio cable 2, 2 non-slip rings, a country manual 8 and packaging; Scope of application: personal and family entertainment, conference hosting and teaching and training, outdoor mobile KTV Wait.

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